Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dungeon & Dragons... in a real dungeon?

Yeah well this is the age of electronic games. Big high definition TV with uber dynamic lightnings, who is not to like the press-the-button and get in the action fast culture? The irony is that old school gaming like paper and pencil become some what a luxury in the current scheme of things because of the sheer amount of time and dedication needed to run it good.

Of the people who really got time to run it all the way they want comes the headline of prisoner Sues to Play D&D in Jail -- No, Seriously.

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Anonymous said...

Well the prison management fears as D&D session can be taken advantage as illegal gathering in disguise as they could hatch up escape plans or plan prison riots and etc..

Also the games competitiveness could be use to intimidate other prisoners without direct violence.. Well you know Jail Wardens after year in the system they can get kinda paranoia over stuff..

Some even ban TV and ban the book the Count of Monte Cristo.. as it gives prisoners hope..