Sunday, November 28, 2010

Brick Gamers 51 - Game Expo

You're a gamer right? Why else are you reading BrickGamers if you're not? Oh, right - you're a LEGO fan! Well if you're also a gamer, chances are you've been to a Gaming Expo or Show to catch the latest showcase of upcoming games, make it an outing for fellow gamers to catchup on good times, and in today's Japan-crazy Anime / Manga world, catch some good CosPlay (Costume Dressing) people too! Plus there's chance to get great bargains on games or even gaming hardware to upgrade your game experience! However, the highlight would probably be girls...since most gamers are guys...and we don't mean girl gamers as our previous post...

Urm, no, we're not giving out passes to any gaming shows anytime soon - anyone wishes to sponsor them? :)