Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cyber War Zone not spared of the shock wave

We at BG are sure scene like above was repeated across the globe as the news of King of Pop's demise sinked in on that fated day. Readers are welcome to share their experience with us :)

BrickGamers 34 - Online Pirates

This may be something not all gamers may be aware of, but it's one of those things that goes on behind the scenes of gaming that's rather interesting to look at for it's another view of digital pirates.

First they attacked the offline gaming industry, now digital pirates are increasing on the online gaming industry as more MMORPG (and other types of genre) games begin mushrooming online for its sheer ease in not requiring a single-player (story-mode) development time, which can be years in the case of blockbuster games like the recent Fallout 3 (which BrickGamers still honour as our title bar!) - only to have it short-live its purpose.

Single-player games, like monolith operating systems (like Windows), are increasingly becoming tiresome to develop owning to its long creation time. As a result, online games take a load off the developers and allow the 'story' to be created by the gamers themselves, and this makes for a very lucrative piracy for the digital overlords. Which is why, don't be surprised when game developers have to come up with more and more exotic security barriers to protect their games.