Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sometimes You Just Can't Win

Gamer girlfriend result

Poor Joe. His plan to pacify his girlfriend backfired (30th August 2008). Now he has to put up with the humilation of being bested by her. While we've heard of the phrase "the student becomes the master", in this case, it doesn't really warrant it!

While we're not sure how many gamers out there have such bad luck as Joe here, it is a fact that some gamer boyfriends have regretted introducing a game to their girlfriends - only to find her being addicted to the game even more than him! Case in point - Sims! Or any puzzle-based games!

Hint: There's an Easter Egg in the comic above - see if you can spot it! For the answer, just highlight the area below with your mouse pointer!

Joe Vig is a Lego culture joke about a minifig (miniature figurine) who always wears a red top and is prone to bad luck - kinda like the jinx of the Lego world. Just Google to find out about him.