Monday, June 28, 2010

Brick Gamers 46 - Wrath of the Leech King?

A bit lost about what this whole comic is about? Then perhaps you haven't read about this before - Blizzard introduced to World of Warcraft, a horse mount called the Celestial Steed, but it's not free. It costs USD25 and offers you 310-percent speed. So if you're a traveller in WoW, you might benefit from the 310% speed increase across the virtual world. However, if you're already paying for WoW and now you have to pay more to get a benefit in the virtual world, it does seem like the real world has now snuck into the virtual world where again, money rules. Think of it as having the money to buy a Ferrari in the real world so you can zip past people because you have the money to do so. Could this be a trend of WoW to come where more items will be sold to enhance your character by the mere power of your wallet to play in-game?

Would you pay USD25 for a horse in an online game just so you can move faster?

Wrath of the Lich King? Or Leech King? Or wrath of the gamers instead? Is this gaming?