Monday, July 7, 2008

Lego Universe

Lego Universe

There are Lego toys, then there are computer games, and then there are Lego computer games, and these days, they're closely tied to movies (like Lego Batman and Indiana Jones computer games and toys).

Now, get ready for the next level of interaction - the Lego MMORPG game! Just when you though there were enough online games, Lego comes and give you the Lego Universe!

It's not out yet, but if you're keen to check it out, head on over to the Lego site at

Diablo III Announced

Diablo 3

A decade after the Diablo and his brothers were banished, they are now officially lining up once again, as another hugely-anticipated titanic sequel is rising in the gaming scene. As the Lord of Terror awakes from his slumber so will the legion of heroes...but some - if not most - would rather get their piece of Diablo right now. Who can blame them? Alas, Blizzard is but one, if not the only gaming company, which makes all your waiting worthwhile. So we shall await...