Monday, July 28, 2008

Battle Cruiser is Online

In-line with the news that the Blizzard computer game StarCraft2 will be out soon around end of the year or so, there's been a rise in the interest of all things StarCraft - and Lego fans are no exception!

Lego Blizzard StarCraft Terran BattleCruiser

This is a Terran Battlecruiser, built by BrickShelf user Vana, which we might add, borders on the level and class of Lego's own Ultimate Collection sets! We sure would like to see Lego make this set as an official offering - assuming there's such a partnership with Blizzard to make these!

See more shots of it here.

Source : Brothers Brick

Brick Gamers 23 - Why 'Nerds' Stay Home

Let's face it, the people who play games, computer games that is, started out as 'nerds'. Sure these days almost everyone plays computer games, thanks to the commercialisation of it all, like how almost everything else ends up being turned into a profit by making it 'cool'.

However, at the end of the day, the 'nerds' still own because they're the hardcore gamers. They have the passion and the drive to stay home and work at their games until they're unmatched by 'noobs' who come in and try their luck. The downside is, they might not be good outdoors.

Yet, with these days cost of living going up due to increased oil prices worldwide, maybe 'nerds' have it good after all, because now, more people are going to stay at home! Brick Gamers takes a spin on this topic in our 23rd Lego comic!

Brick Gamers 23

As usual, these comics are converted from those published in the GameAxis Unwired Malaysia magazine, so they're not meant for Web viewing. To view them in larger size, just click them to open in a new window/tab.