Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Games Expo?

At a glance, a game expo might be seen to attract gamers due to the showcase of games, but these days, with the way games and gaming hardware (usually graphic cards) are being marketed, BrickGamers feel we know why gamers go to such an expo...

Game Expo

Yes, it's the age-old marketing tactic of using sex to sell. In this case, promoting gaming via girls and women to attract gamers to either buy such hardware, or play such games! While some might question this approach, we say - if gamers aren't complaining and the models aren't either - then game on! If anything, it gives gamers a chance to pose with those sexy models!

Who can resist models dressed up like fantasy characters like below? In order not to be sexist and balance both sides, we bring you both guy and gal fantasy gaming models for you to view!

guy and gal