Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halo 3 Rat's Nest Map

Halo 3 Rat's Nest map

If you've played Halo 3 (only on the Xbox 360 gaming console sadly), then you might have come across this before - it's the Rat's Nest (not literally!) multi-player map, in Lego-style of course!

It's space-age marines blasting aliens in the eternal struggle of humanity's survival! This awesome scene by Vidgamer838 about the Rat’s Nest (Halo Wiki) map captures this scene.

Source : Brothers Brick

Vidgamer838 earlier did a Halo Mongoose ATV earlier, which we featured here

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brick Gamers 25 - Multi-Tasking

For Brick Gamers 25, we wanted to highlight both a possibility and downfall of gamers who multi-task in our modern fast-paced world. With gobs of RAM in today's PCs, we can spawn multiple programs and windows while playing games, but while this increases our productivity and multi-tasking ability...it might also affect our gaming!

As always, click the comic to open it in a new tab/window as these were converted from comics meant for print in GameAxis Unwired magazine.

Warhammer Online

If you don't know by now, the online game Warhammer has been launched. Like any other online game, you either have to get the client CD or DVD to install on your computer and then connect to the server to play, or download the client files yourself directly over the Internet.

However, WO is a whopping nearly 10GB download! That's more than even a dual-layer DVD9 (8GB)! Since Malaysia isn't well known for our Internet speeds - no thanks to Telekom Malaysia's (TM) broadband Streamyx service running at 1Mbps with the 2 and 4Mbps being unstable - it seems futile to download that much if you're just going to try it or if you're a Beta user for test. Until the TM HSBB (High-Speed Broadband) takes off in the country, get ready for this:

Warhammer Online download

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cyber Bully

Some of you gamers might have come across this before - be it in cybercafes or at home. Let's take a cafe for example. You get gamers who start to cyber bully thinking they're that great, but then boy are they in for a surprise when they discover later they should have eaten their words! Sometimes it's just not worth being a cyber bully due to the virtual unseen factor...

cyber bully

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Cost of Gaming

This is sadly, the truth about computers. While they're great for gaming, movies, messaging, and of course, work - they also come with a cost to our eyes. This is mostly due to the fact that computers rely on a screen and since it's a 2D surface, focusing our eyes on something flat ruins our eyes over time - just like how bookworms tend to suffer the same fate. As our world is in 3D, our eyes get used to near and far exercises, but at the computer, so such thing happens. Perhaps when we have 3D holographic monitors, then this will be solved! In the meantime...the below is indeed a quandry! So gamers, if you want to have good eyes, take breaks in between!

eye problems

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Games Expo?

At a glance, a game expo might be seen to attract gamers due to the showcase of games, but these days, with the way games and gaming hardware (usually graphic cards) are being marketed, BrickGamers feel we know why gamers go to such an expo...

Game Expo

Yes, it's the age-old marketing tactic of using sex to sell. In this case, promoting gaming via girls and women to attract gamers to either buy such hardware, or play such games! While some might question this approach, we say - if gamers aren't complaining and the models aren't either - then game on! If anything, it gives gamers a chance to pose with those sexy models!

Who can resist models dressed up like fantasy characters like below? In order not to be sexist and balance both sides, we bring you both guy and gal fantasy gaming models for you to view!

guy and gal

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Have you done this before?


Anyone guilty of this? More importantly, anyone got caught in this situation before? We can say we at BG, have proudly done this before - and got away with it! Of course, you have to ensure your work computer has enough memory or a fast enough processor to respond that quickly too! We might add, it takes a certain amount of skill to pull this trick off with the boss around!