Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Cost of Gaming

This is sadly, the truth about computers. While they're great for gaming, movies, messaging, and of course, work - they also come with a cost to our eyes. This is mostly due to the fact that computers rely on a screen and since it's a 2D surface, focusing our eyes on something flat ruins our eyes over time - just like how bookworms tend to suffer the same fate. As our world is in 3D, our eyes get used to near and far exercises, but at the computer, so such thing happens. Perhaps when we have 3D holographic monitors, then this will be solved! In the meantime...the below is indeed a quandry! So gamers, if you want to have good eyes, take breaks in between!

eye problems


gamer said...

crap...this means i need to take breaks from brickgamer cause it's so bloody addictive!!! arghhh!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm eyes get tired from 2d image.. This is a first to me..

Usually i though spending to much time on TV or computer create bad eyesight is due to the light is overly focus directly to your eye...

So maybe projecters are better as light is directed away from your eye.

Brick World said...

Our eyes get tired (and hence, lazy) from staring at a 2D image because our iris isn't working (exercising) since it's the same distance and requires no focal adjustment.

Our real world is 3D, and so our eyes are forced to always move to focus different distances.

But yes, focusing on radiation sources like TV also contributes.

When holograms arrive, computing will be 'safe' because it will be a 'real' virtual world.