Sunday, November 1, 2009

This LEGO made Mario can stamp you!

A 6 foot tall Mario made of pure LEGO? Yeah with that much weight if it jumps on you like a King Koopa's henchmen.

Source : Brother brick

Happy Scary Pumpkin Season

For all those gamers who celebrate Halloween, here's wishing you had a nice scary one - virtual online or otherwise! Why are we even linking something like Halloween to Wikipedia? Because there are people who celebrate it but don't even know the origins of it! If you're one of those, you might want to check it out - you might even be surprised at what you'll discover! We hope it doesn't burst your bubble, but hey, you can still enjoy it for what it is like you've always did! Here's to all gamers who go pillaging on the 31st October in online virtual gaming worlds!

Looking for spooky Halloween LEGO minifigs? Check out a bunch of them here on Flickr!