Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brick Gamers 26 - Spore

...and that is why Electronic Arts' (EA) latest simulation game, Spore, doesn't have a multi-player option - at least to BrickGamers! Sure it has a quasi/pseudo multi feature, where it interacts with other players creations in the Spore universe, but you don't directly interact with another player - perhaps to avoid the above scenario from happening! Well, not literally maybe, but not many kids are going to be happy being assaulted by the dreaded phallus creatures!

Scrap that, make it their parents aren't going to be happy! We're pretty sure EA doesn't want to be sued! However, they are getting problems from their DRM (Digital Rights Management) issues used in Spore to prevent piracy - so much so it has resulted in the cracked (hacked) version of Spore being available as a torrent to download! Talk about in-your-face protest!