Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why Pirated Software Rules

In developed countries, the illegal copying and selling of a medium (like CD) is known as a bootlegged copy, simply because over there, people would sell them by the street, and while they may not be hidden in their leg boots (maybe in an overcoat is more likely), the term comes from when home-made alcohol was hidden in flasks in their boots.

Over here, that is, in Asia, or Malaysia for that matter, we call it a pirated copy, after pirates (duh!). It's obvious why pirated copies of software thrive here - we're not as developed as Western countries, and so people cannot afford original copy prices like they can. While pirated software is lesser in Western countries because they can afford it in their currency, or download it from Warez sites with their connected computers, here if we have connections, it may not be fast enough too.

With the recent petrol hike fueled (pun not intended) by global oil prices going up, the piracy that was slowly being stamped away seems unlikely to go away anytime soon. Hence this comic: