Monday, April 28, 2008

Faith, Is Eternal!

Mini Dreadnought

Those of you gamers (be it Table Top Warhammer40K or Dawn of War fans) will instantly recognise work of Lego Fan Flickr user Alex Kahler, a hellfire dreadnought which is in small scale, but yet, he amazingly retained almost all the important details.

Source : Brothers Brick

Brick Gamers 20 - Gaming Marathon

We've hit Brick Gamers 20! Woo-Hoo! Finally there's 20 Lego-Gaming comics mag conversion up!

In BG20, out in print on the last page of GameAxis Unwired Malaysia April 2008, which came out early in the month, we took at look at those hardcore gamers who stick to their computers no matter what. You've probably heard before of news about gamers, either in cyber cafes or at home, who played games non-stop until they...died. Well, what happened, if what happens in games, happens for real, in our world?

Brick Gamers 20

As usual, just click on the comic to read the larger image in a new window or tab.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Brick Wars

Brick Wars

In the days before computer games became entertainment, those of us fortunate enough to have Lego would spend countless hours doing mock warfare with them - in one instance they will be knights fighting with weapons and magic, in another they may be pirates looting an island, or even flying in space firing lasers at each other.

Using Legos in these context is known as Brick Wars, basing on the Wargaming game, made popular by Warhammer. Half from table games such as Dungeons and Dragons, half from Warhammer, Lego Brick Wars pits Minifigs (Lego mini figurines) as people in a make-believe world on a table. Apply the rules of D and D and Warhammer, and you've got yourself something beyond just Lego sets!

In the middle of the plastic maelstorm we have Mike Rayhawk to thank for his free materials, inspiring pictures, and illustrations, plus a great site to showcase it all! If you're interested to make use of your Lego Minifigs, or want to try your hand at Lego Wargaming, check out the Brick Wars site at

Friday, April 18, 2008

Covenant Grunt

Covenant Grunt

Lego Master Builder LegoHaulic does it again - his art that is. This time, it's a Covenant Grunt.

The mass lackeys from the Halo series, these grunts shoot, panic, and run around making funny noises, but make up their lack of skills with numbers. Every time we see one of these we have the urge to go and gun-butt them!

Have a closer look at his grunt at Flickr or Brick Shelf, and check out his other works on Flicker and Brick Shelf as well.

Source : Brothers Brick

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cyber Cafe Predation

It's time for yet another of Brick Gamers' famous PSB filler comic! Don't ask us what's PSB - even we don't know! It's the middle of the month, and while you're waiting for the next BG comic conversion from the mag at the end of the month, it's time to whet your Lego-gaming comic needs for now - in Cyber Cafe Preys!

If you're a bunch of gamers getting tired of thrashing the AI, sooner or later you'll go to the next natural step - playing against human opponents. However, being blood-lusted and having steely eyes normally won't help you when you go asking for a "friendly match". People can see your leetness a mile away by the amount of scars you have on your face. So, send the most innocent looking of them all...


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Place to Meet the Local Fans

Brick Boy Toys

To all Malaysians who wish to say hi and share experiences with fellow local Lego fans, we recommend Brick Boy Toys forum. Brickboy Toys forum is operated by Alan from Brickboytoys, the first ever Lego specialist shop opened locally.

Currently Brickboytoys has 2 shops operating in Kuala Lumpur, one in Berjaya Times Square and the other at The Gardens, MidValley Mega Mall.

So come join the fun at the Brickboytoys forum (will open in a new window/tab).