Monday, April 21, 2008

Brick Wars

Brick Wars

In the days before computer games became entertainment, those of us fortunate enough to have Lego would spend countless hours doing mock warfare with them - in one instance they will be knights fighting with weapons and magic, in another they may be pirates looting an island, or even flying in space firing lasers at each other.

Using Legos in these context is known as Brick Wars, basing on the Wargaming game, made popular by Warhammer. Half from table games such as Dungeons and Dragons, half from Warhammer, Lego Brick Wars pits Minifigs (Lego mini figurines) as people in a make-believe world on a table. Apply the rules of D and D and Warhammer, and you've got yourself something beyond just Lego sets!

In the middle of the plastic maelstorm we have Mike Rayhawk to thank for his free materials, inspiring pictures, and illustrations, plus a great site to showcase it all! If you're interested to make use of your Lego Minifigs, or want to try your hand at Lego Wargaming, check out the Brick Wars site at

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