Wednesday, June 17, 2009

XFX @ Computex Taipei 2009

Apparently we caught the attention of some gaming hardware makers, and why not, BrickGamers is all about Gaming via LEGO® Comics!

It's none other than XFX - NVIDIA's Premier Channel Partner, which has lately begun to make its rival ATI Graphics as well! Cue the NVIDIA Green and ATI Red!


Aside from being a good sense in the current tough times of economic downturn with the world financial crisis (because AMD's ATI Radeon graphic cards are value-for-money), having both NVIDIA and ATI graphic cards to offer does make XFX for one very balanced gaming hardware maker that caters to all sorts of gamers.

At the recent Computex 2009 computer and technology expo show, held in Taipei, Taiwan annually, XFX introduced a new product line to complement their gaming offerings - Power Supply Units, or PSUs.


We'll show more details about these new PSUs as well as the NVIDIA GeForce 200 Series and ATI Radeon HD4000 Series of graphic cards when we get more information from XFX.

Some highlights include the XFX Radeon HD4890 Black Edition graphic card, which comes with a copy of HAWX DirectX10.1 game, which is supported by Radeon HD3000 and HD4000 graphic cards, on Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate).

BrickGamers' LEGO® Jack will show more about Computex technology over on BrickTech.