Sunday, March 7, 2010

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Game - Updated

Update - TT Games (mentioned below, a division of Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Group) will continue to make LEGO's games till 2016. More here.

If you've played the LEGO Indiana Jones game (or any other LEGO computer games), you might be interested in the new LEGO Indiana Jones 2 game, and this is a good time to show gamers and LEGO fans alike, that when it comes to LEGO games, it's not all done on the computer (since it's a computer game), but are modelled after actual LEGO creations!

Case in point, Carl Greatrix has been making custom (MOC - My Own Creation) LEGO models that will be used in the upcoming Indiana Jones 2 game. The game is being made by TT (Traveller's Tales) Games, who also made other LEGO computer games like Batman, Rock Band, and Star Wars, as they have the rights to make LEGO computer games.

To read more about his work, check out this interview here, and take a look at his LEGO MOCs here, which will be digitised and you will see appear in the Indiana Jones 2 game.

The actual LEGO MOC model made by Carl (above) and the digitised version (below) which will be used in the LEGO Indiana Jones 2 computer gameSource : Brothers Brick

Starcraft 2 Beta Cracked

Well it is the natural thing to happen...Starcraft 2 Beta Cracked & Available for Download. While the users can only play against AI opponent (should you follow all the steps properly... that is), none the less one get access to try out all the shiny new toys and gets the first person feel of playing it.