Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is This The Solution?

one form of solution

Right. So how many of you here who have a girlfriend (or wife) is guilty of this? For that matter, how many girls who have a boyfriend (or husband) is guilty of this? Don't say the latter doesn't exist, for we have heard stories of female players being caught up in online games as well as offline ones like the popular Sims! So, it this the right solution when one partner is an avid gamer? After all, at least both are spending time together - except it's online! We guess that depends if the gamer manages to convert their partner into a gamer as well!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brick Gamers 24 - Then and Now

Some things don't really change...or do they? In Brick Gamers 24, we wanted to show how modern online games is in some ways, similiar to ancient ways of 'games', but it's different in how it has evolved into. With online games mushrooming, now gamers worldwide can experience exactly what they saw in the movies - and to some extent, what they see in life too!

As always, please click the comic to open it in a new window/tab, as these comics are converted from the published pages in GameAxis Unwired, and wasn't designed for the Web as compared to our Web comics, so they can't fit on our site unless viewed in a bigger format.

Brick Gamers 23

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lego Warehouse Sale!

Lego Warehouse Sale

For all you Malaysian Klang Valley Lego fans out there, if you want to hunt for some good bargains of Lego set goodies, then head over to the 2nd Floor of Dataran Hamodal, along Jalan Section 13/4 (near Jaya Section 14), Petaling Jaya, as there will be a Lego Warehouse Sale going on!

That's right, from the 27th August to the 7th of September 2008, open from 10AM to 6PM daily!

So you have under 2 weeks to visit this Lego Sale but as we have seen before in other Lego Sales, most good sets are gone in the first few hours - speak nothing of days! However, the local Lego distributor have been wise to this problem and these days tend to release sets in batches, so if you're only free on the weekend or next week, don't worry too much, you might still have chance!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BrickGamers Honours The Olympics!

The recent 29th Olympiad, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, is over, and all Malaysia got was a Silver Medal, but Malaysians feel Lee Chong Wei, our badminton player which got us our only medal - and a Silver one at least - deserves recognition. Therefore BrickGamers decided to make this strip in honour of our star sportsman who managed to make it to the finals of the Olympics!

Lee Chong Wei

Yes gaming doesn't exactly fit with the Olympics even though both are games, and that's why we came up with the below concept to be considered by console gamers for that extra exercise!

Sofa Gymnastics

Let no one say gamers are a bunch of lazy fat people! Show them you can exercise with games!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The PSP - Boon or Bane?


The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) has been a boon for gamers to have gaming on the go, but it seems sometimes kids can be too addicted to gaming, that even the PSP becomes a bane for parents, as BG explores this flip side. Those who saw the movie Inside Man will remember how the 'hero' criminal sat with a hostage kid in the bank vault while he was playing Grand Theft Auto a fictional Grand Theft Auto-like game on his PSP and the guy said he needs to have a talk with the kid's father about this later...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's the Whole Package


How many of us have been trapped in this situation before? You save up for some expensive hardware (or even software) to enhance your gaming life, and then you realise you need to spend on other things to make it complete!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

BrickGamers is in the Malay Mail paper!

That's right! Your favourite Malaysian Lego Comic is now in the newspapers as well! We're in the Malay Mail every Monday, and the same comic will be up here on Saturdays. That makes at least 7 updates every month - every 7th, 21st, 28th and now...every weekends as well! Do we hear Woot?

BG minifigs find themselves in the Malay Mail paper

BG minifigs trying to get used to being in the papers

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guitar Hero Mecha?

This is just simply too hilarious to miss! Check it out! It's a Mecha, built from Lego (what else?), playing Guitar Hero! If you don't know what Guitar Hero is, allow us to introduce you to the modern digital Oracle - Wikipedia (all links on BG will open in a new tab/window so you can always continue viewing our humour goodness).

Guitar Hero Mecha

This Lego Mecha playing Guitar Hero was built by fellow Malaysian Teik Joon. You can see his other creations on his Flicker page here. We say, rock on Malaysians! More Lego own creations!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Final fantasy Minifig no longer a fantasy?

Of the amount of interesting characters from the almost infinite game worlds out there surely there are some characters which you wish LEGO would made into official set. Well, if that is not going to happen you might want to consider doing it yourself.

Check out the range of custom final fantasy characters Morgan19 did with combination of real minifg and photo retouching and his post at

Don't You Just Hate It When...

Kill More

If you've played one of the newer computer games, Call of Duty 4 (CoD4), you'll run into this scenario where you'll just curse out in the battlefield until air support does arrive...which might be a good thing because you'll be so filled with rage, you'll actually kill enough enemies for reinforcements to arrive!