Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brick Gamers 43 - The Day Xbox Live Died - Updated

Updated - Today is the day Microsoft Xbox Live dies. Own an Xbox? Time to upgrade to Xbox 360 if you want to play online :) [sarcasm] More @ Kotaku here.

As usual, click on the comic below to see the larger size :)

What? You didn't know that Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service has been terminated for Xbox in favour of Xbox 360 gaming consoles? Which means if you're an Xbox gamer, your online gaming console days are dead - unless you buy a new Xbox 360 of course :) Read it here.

Microsoft claims this is for the benefit of the community to maintain Xbox Live only for a single console, the same way they forced all Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN) users to upgrade to version 14 (2009), as mentioned by our sister site BrickTech here.

Of course, if you've read our post here (and BrickTech's post here), you'll understand Microsoft is doing this to achieve their ultimate Live Anywhere online service. One service to rule them all? Sounds familiar huh? To see more pissed off gamers comments, check out this post here.

With all the DRM (Digital Rights Management) issues with recent UbiSoft games, ActiVision's evil actions with their acquired studios, and EA (Electronic Arts) increasingly-sucky games in order to 'rape' the gaming community of their money for their own corporate self-interests, it's about time gamers begin to vote against the pillage of the gaming industry as you would vote against politicians who destroy your own country. After all, we all remember a time when playing games used to actually be fun - before the businessmen took over and catered for them.