Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

BrickGamers 39 - Milking Gamers Dry

If you're new to BrickGamers and wondering why the comic below is so hard to read, check back our past BrickGamers comic posts (under the mag label) to understand why. Just click on it to view the bigger version so you can read it better :)

For BrickGamers 39, we wanted to talk about Cow Gaming...sorry...we mean Milking Gamers...dry that is! We're sure many gamers can relate to today's gaming industry finding ways to drain gamers dry from their games instead of entertaining them as they did in the past.

So, how much have YOU spent on your games?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Behold the Ancient 8 bit NES

I had one of this a long long time ago. Countless hours were spent on sending Mario and Link venture forth to rescue their respective princess, enduring a thousand deaths along the way in a time when things were much simpler

Source : Brother brick.

Gamer Weds Game Girl

Apparently some dude from the land of rising sun (read: Japan) got so into a girl - yes nothing new about that - but here's the kicker - she exists only in a dating stimulation game. If that doesn't spell 'Otaku' (Japanese for geek), we don't know what does.

But then again, there're Otakus who created OS-Tans (personifications of Operating Systems), who are usually girls, so much so until Microsoft officially created their own Nanami Madobe character for their latest Windows 7 for Japan to cater to this 'fetish'. You can read more about her over on our BrickTech post here.

The main difference with this gamer who's into this girl in a game is that - wait for it - he's going to marry her! Yes, you heard that right! Read more about it here!

Publicity stunt or "true love"? Either way it might be hard for people to tell which is sadder. Go check out the tale of virtual Nene Anegasaki from Love Plus, and how she's the bride-to-be for that Nintendo DS otaku's fantasy. It doesn't get any weirder - coming from Japan. Or can it?

Nene Anegasaki, 1 of 3 virtual girls from dating game Love Plus

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Empty Gaming Threat

Despite all the hoo-haa, Modern Warfare 2 launched in a big way, and any decent amount leftover threats of boycott were rendered ignorable, no thanks to a certain numbers of Boycotters.

Don't get the latter link? No problem, let us make it clearer for you by taking a look at this here (cue - see the Red Arrows). Don't you just want to smack the life out of these so-called boycott gamers?

UPDATE! However, don't underestimate the power of people. Barely days after its release, Modern Warfare 2 servers have been CRACKED! Feel free to start hosting your own LAN party games OUTSIDE of the control of them. It's bound to happen. Expect the same with StarCraft 2.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This LEGO made Mario can stamp you!

A 6 foot tall Mario made of pure LEGO? Yeah with that much weight if it jumps on you like a King Koopa's henchmen.

Source : Brother brick

Happy Scary Pumpkin Season

For all those gamers who celebrate Halloween, here's wishing you had a nice scary one - virtual online or otherwise! Why are we even linking something like Halloween to Wikipedia? Because there are people who celebrate it but don't even know the origins of it! If you're one of those, you might want to check it out - you might even be surprised at what you'll discover! We hope it doesn't burst your bubble, but hey, you can still enjoy it for what it is like you've always did! Here's to all gamers who go pillaging on the 31st October in online virtual gaming worlds!

Looking for spooky Halloween LEGO minifigs? Check out a bunch of them here on Flickr!