Sunday, May 31, 2009

Elite of the Elite

Of all the types of competitive gaming... the First person shooter genre (FPS) might be the hardest for you make a name for yourself on online gaming for the reasons stated above for unlike Real Time Strategy (RTS) games in FPS the fast doesn't wait for the slow in connection issues. That plus the lightning fast nature and split second dead of alive nature for most of the FPS titles would mean only the best of the best in both equipment and skills (cheaters not included) would stay on top.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

BrickGamers 33 - Then & Now Gaming

If you're and old-enough gamer (does that give away our age?) you'll be familiar with the following comic. For the rest of you young gamers, this is a good time to aquaint yourself with past gaming trends so you'll know what you're carrying on your gaming shoulders :)

When we were gamers in the past - money wasn't an issue :) Now however, buying power determines your gaming ability. Ever heard the game joke about the gamer who could afford a better graphic card in Blizzard's WarCraft III and thus could turn on footprint effects while his enemy had no such luxury? It ends with the richer gamer is able to see where his enemy passed by, thereby giving him leverage over his rival.

Yes, it's unfortunate when the Evil Eye of Capitalism targets gaming to be exploited, but let's not forget that like everything else, there's always 2 Sides of the Coin - while gamers loathe modern gaming for its demands on you being a rich gamer, the time will come soon when the Evil Eye will move its Gaze to something else, and Gamers can once again reclaim their rightful ownership, and perhaps by then, gaming will evolve to something else to cater to the needs of real gamers :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cool LEGO gaming gear sculpture

Builder and flickr user Joris Blok built some of the most nostalgic gaming gear with bricks.
From a distance it could have been mistaken for the real thing.

Source : Brothers Brick

Sunday, May 24, 2009

When we can't get some, we sue

Saga of the Duke Nukem Forever continues off the battle with aliens to legal area as business partners are now suing the studio for failure to deliver the game.

After years of teasing players with the catchy phrase of "Who want some?" Duke himself ends up getting some from the ruthless race of lawyers.. not a glorious way for a legend to go.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Outside Klang Valley?

Brick Bastion

If you live outside the Klang Valley, your choices for buying LEGO® cuts down your options greatly. So what's a LEGO® collector to do? Visit Brick Bastion, Malaysia's first online LEGO® shop! If you're in the Klang Valley you can go to them too - if you don't have time to go to the malls to get LEGO®! The RM7 standard delivery rate applies to East Malaysia too!

Brick Bastion

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We will Nukem, but it might take forever...

Well, it seems 3D Realms, the studio which is responsible for the development of the legendary Duke Nukem Forever (often known as Vapourware and that it will take Forever to come out), finally went belly up after more than a more than decade of work for the title. Could this prove to be the demise to the iconic first person shooter (FPS) anti-hero game? We will wait and see, and frankly, after 12 years, most fans of the old title will either couldn't care less, or won't mind even waiting longer...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

War waits for no one

Lately there has been this surging of free browser based real time strategy games which involved lots of planning and time investment... thing is they are mostly played with people around the world 24/7 and your armies/cities stay in the game whether you are log in or not. Sometimes dire results can happen should your armies/cities found themselves under attack without the guidance of their lord...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sega Sonic in 3D

Talking about mascot here we have the super fast mascot of SEGA in brick himself by builder Dave and John Xandegar, a father and son team from the Chicago, USA. Click on their name to see a list of their other creations.

Source : Brothers Brick

Mario in his first of many adventures...

Builder Rob Majury on his take on Nintendo's main mascot first ever adventure to rescue a damsel in distress. Mario the plumber has since crossed countries, swam ocean and reached the stars, literally; but it all started here climbing levels avoiding barrels.

Source : Brothers Brick

Sunday, May 3, 2009

But I am the one who is suppose to be doing the savings!

Taking timid girl friend to horror movie is fun.. and so is the same theory applies to bringing your girl friend to play Left4dead. But if you found the intended roles to be on the reverse in reality then we can say nothing more than "Doh!".

Power Miners 8958 Reviewed!

Continuing the new Power Miners theme reviews, we now take a look at the 8958 (Granite Grinder). Check it out in the Forum here!

Lego 8958 review

Lego 8958 review

Coming up next - the 8960 (Thunder Driller)!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Power Miners Reviewed!

In BrickGamers continuation of offering LEGO® set reviews, we now take on 2 small sets from the new Power Miners theme - 8956 (Stone Chopper) and 8957 (Mine Mech). Check it out in the Forum here!

Lego 8956 and 8957 review

Of course, as usual, BrickGamers' Jack always gets in the picture for causing mischief...

Jack @ Lego 8956 and 8957 review

Up next - the 8958 (Granite Grinder) and 8960 (Thunder Driller)! You can get them all at Brickboy LEGO® shops - the only LEGO® store in Malaysia! They can be found at The Gardens @ MidValley, Sunway Pyramid, and at the new Tropicana City Mall. For more information, visit the Brickboy site here.