Thursday, May 28, 2009

BrickGamers 33 - Then & Now Gaming

If you're and old-enough gamer (does that give away our age?) you'll be familiar with the following comic. For the rest of you young gamers, this is a good time to aquaint yourself with past gaming trends so you'll know what you're carrying on your gaming shoulders :)

When we were gamers in the past - money wasn't an issue :) Now however, buying power determines your gaming ability. Ever heard the game joke about the gamer who could afford a better graphic card in Blizzard's WarCraft III and thus could turn on footprint effects while his enemy had no such luxury? It ends with the richer gamer is able to see where his enemy passed by, thereby giving him leverage over his rival.

Yes, it's unfortunate when the Evil Eye of Capitalism targets gaming to be exploited, but let's not forget that like everything else, there's always 2 Sides of the Coin - while gamers loathe modern gaming for its demands on you being a rich gamer, the time will come soon when the Evil Eye will move its Gaze to something else, and Gamers can once again reclaim their rightful ownership, and perhaps by then, gaming will evolve to something else to cater to the needs of real gamers :)


Paanjang16 said...

You forgot to add another, games those days are insert, plug and play! nowadays games like DoWII, HL2, RA3 need to activatelah, login to Steamlah, login to Rock* Social clublah, GFWL. In the future ppl will start playing Warcraft 2, DOW or RA1/2 since War45678, DOWII/III/IV or RA3,4,5 all need an activation server which does not exist anymore.

kanasai said...

I guess at the end of the day even though if u have all the games and equipment you will have no time to play since your job takes 22/24 hours of the day.

Anonymous said...

In video Games, it really dosent matter how old you are. I am pretty young and I play call of duty!