Monday, September 28, 2009

BrickGamers 37 - Gaming Rewards

If you've been a loyal fan of BrickGamers by now you'll know the usual drill - click on the comic below to load the larger version where you can read it clearer. We had to shrink it like this to fit the width of the page as it was originally designed to appear in a print magazine called GameAxis, a South-East Asia (SEA) regional monthly gaming publication. This is the copy of it.

So let's hear it from the gamers out there for this month's topic - how many of you feel modern games is all about being vain in the game than actual rewards and accomplishments? :) Or worse - all about how many games you have played or how fast you played it? Is this what gaming is all about? Or has gaming lost it's allurement that it once had and it's now searching its own soul?