Monday, November 23, 2009

Gamer Weds Game Girl

Apparently some dude from the land of rising sun (read: Japan) got so into a girl - yes nothing new about that - but here's the kicker - she exists only in a dating stimulation game. If that doesn't spell 'Otaku' (Japanese for geek), we don't know what does.

But then again, there're Otakus who created OS-Tans (personifications of Operating Systems), who are usually girls, so much so until Microsoft officially created their own Nanami Madobe character for their latest Windows 7 for Japan to cater to this 'fetish'. You can read more about her over on our BrickTech post here.

The main difference with this gamer who's into this girl in a game is that - wait for it - he's going to marry her! Yes, you heard that right! Read more about it here!

Publicity stunt or "true love"? Either way it might be hard for people to tell which is sadder. Go check out the tale of virtual Nene Anegasaki from Love Plus, and how she's the bride-to-be for that Nintendo DS otaku's fantasy. It doesn't get any weirder - coming from Japan. Or can it?

Nene Anegasaki, 1 of 3 virtual girls from dating game Love Plus


Anonymous said...

she cute... no doubt

Well i dont really think its really a publicity stunt..

Nowadays plenty of Otakus are claiming marriage rights on anime characters..

Well i guess it shows they are so socially inept, They gave up on the ever demands of real girls.. for virtual substitute.

They need to read Densha Otaku more..

lookIE said...

watz densa otaku???!

Anonymous said...

google it boy..

InsaneClown said...

Ya know...I was about to say Wikipedia is your friend...but okay...Google will lead you to it too...heh :)

lookIE said...

itz girl,,,not boy

,,,but okayz,,, i google n itz says densha otoko,,,not otaku,,,itz same??

newayz,,thatz what wikipediaz says

interesting story!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol.. I must apologize that it is Densha Otoko.. I just was to in the mood..

gamer said...

hey...who can't be in the mood for a gal like nene? :) heck, a dude can wanna marry her man!

lissa said...

InsaneClown? Is this insaneclown the one who had an affair with Eddie Zulhysham's wife @ Lissa? ;)