Monday, July 28, 2008

Battle Cruiser is Online

In-line with the news that the Blizzard computer game StarCraft2 will be out soon around end of the year or so, there's been a rise in the interest of all things StarCraft - and Lego fans are no exception!

Lego Blizzard StarCraft Terran BattleCruiser

This is a Terran Battlecruiser, built by BrickShelf user Vana, which we might add, borders on the level and class of Lego's own Ultimate Collection sets! We sure would like to see Lego make this set as an official offering - assuming there's such a partnership with Blizzard to make these!

See more shots of it here.

Source : Brothers Brick

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Anonymous said...

DAMMIT! I thought that was a REAL new set Lego released...aww man...