Monday, February 22, 2010

Command and Conquer 4 gets Darker... for Real

It appears coming soon Command & Conquer 4 does not Support LAN or Dedicated Servers. At the rate they are going at it LAN party might cease to exist soon.


Anonymous said...

I guess we malaysians are gettin sideline more and more by the years..

As i guess they presume everyone in the world have super fast and super stable lines.. I pray the one who are using wireless internet can hold on longer..

As for Lan Party.. Well to be fair in their world Lan Party arent as big thing as before since everyone can hook up online and play.. and many system are encouraging this..

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Have you ever been to a huge lan party? Physical problem of numbers of sockets aside, what do you think of the speed will be like if say a line is shared by 20 players?

Anonymous said...

It doesnt have to be Lan partys that needs Lan..

What if i just wanna 1 vs 1 with someone i know who just live across my room.

Or what if my Internet is down.. I can still have a game.. than to be sulking around lost without internet.

However.. why rigid a gamers choice??.. Why cant we just be given this option.. Better to have plenty of option than fewwer options.

Anonymous said...

more trouble for nothing better...
this no LAN thing is a baddddddd idea for us gamers =.=