Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top PC Game of 2009

You can read more about this in the report of the Most Pirated Games Of 2009.

Some say it's because its a good - if not great - game, while others insist it's a backlash from the issue of Modern Warfare 2 PC won't support dedicated servers.

Either way, the bottomline of the massive sales should please the developers from taking this path, a decision which can leave a lot of players with not-so-fast Internet connection, feeling left behind.

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Anonymous said...

Well after all isn't it the big titles that get the most demand in general aspect..

Well to be fair.. I feel people shouldnt be to harsh to pirated user.. I mean people would like to try out the game first then decide wether to get it.

Also pirate can only cover campaign and spec ops( well most of it..) Since COD4 MW2 is all about online multiplayer gameplay.. SO i feel pirated player are missing out alot..

Well if Activision is bitching about this then they are just a bunch of greedy BSes..

Since their sales literally even beats Harry Potter Book 7( And books dont really have piracy like games.. :-P