Sunday, January 17, 2010

No More Kidding around

From pixelated plumber to the present epic scenes, the gaming industry has grown from the humble geeky past time to the main stream entertainment with the bottom line numbers rivaling even the biggest movies around.

And of course, everything comes with a price.


Anonymous said...

Well So i guess there no excuse that Gaming industry are losing money due to piracy then..

Video Games way back then was a bunch of people in their basement with a computer programing the game.

Nowadays video games are using near to Hollywood tech for games now.. Blu Screen, motion sensors, CGI, and etc etc..

So no wonder its a serious business now.. which why video games cost so much..

Anonymous said...


syous said...

And spammers are damned. Thanks

neko-chan said...

your comics so good...even the spammers come visit it!! ^_^

GOLIATH said...

Piracy is also a Robin Hood issue.

Nobody wants to steal indie work.

But when you see fat cat CEOs making money beyond what they deserve and enslaving workers under them - you think it's only fair to pirate these hollywood blockbuster games (or movies) and let those who can't afford it - to enjoy it. Everyone deserves it too.

Besides, they hijacked something that was dear to many gamers - their universe. When that happens, don't expect gamers to let their world overtaken without a fight.

Anonymous said...


"dont expect gamers to let their world overtaken without a fight"

good line