Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BrickGamers 38 - Gaming War Gear

If you're new to BrickGamers and wondering why the comic below is so hard to read, check back our past BrickGamers comic posts (under the mag label) to understand why :)

UPDATE! We've now enlarged our monthly BrickGamers comic (which appears in the GameAxis South-East Asia/SEA regional leading printed gaming magazine) to SVGA (800x600) size from the previous VGA (640x480) size after requests by readers! We'll go to XGA (1024x768) in due time! Click it below to enjoy the new bigger comics!

Moving on, this month's topic is about War Gear in Gaming, the electronic version of course - not the table-top role-playing game type of board games like Warhammer 40,000. We're sure many of you invest in such Gaming War Gear, it just depends on how much you're willing to invest - and how serious you are about gaming to utilise the best gadgets and devices to win in games. These days it's more about the type of hardware you have that will gain you advantages.


Anonymous said...

On the contrary, back in one competition i knew a dude who had really imba gear like the new BF2142 laser mouse and keyboard. Who just pretty much got knock out at the 1st round.

And another player who goes in using their inhouse mouse and some really old dirty keyboard... and won the competition.

Some gear are nowadays mandatory like headset, mouse and keyboard.. However they dont really cost a bomb to get it..

As for those uber graphics.. yeah it did create a advantage..

However nonetheless if your micro and macro sucks then its pointless... So gears to some extend helps however.. the throne is still fought with your own blood, sweat and tears.

KulKan said...

guess that's like saying money to some extend helps...but end of the day it's still up to your effort.