Sunday, August 9, 2009

You want a piece of me next year, boy?

It is Official, no one is to get any pieces of the shiny new 3D StarCraft II marines until next year.


Anonymous said...

Fuck this... Blizzard has no really no incentive to work on SC2.. They just taking their sweet time..

Why should they rush.. I mean why would they need to rush.. They are not in a financial crisis..

THEY GOT WOW!!.. They make an expan for them almost every year.. Subscribers if filling up their pockets with cash every month..

Why should Blizzard care what fans think.. No lan support, Bnet might have to pay, units and tech tree is always changing over and over again.. and we have a 3 episode Campaign CD..

I dont really care anymore...

gamer said... sound like

but yeah...blizzard is pissing off not just hitler...but gamers...and that's more important...but, they're shooting themselves in the foot!

what the players still feed them so they can afford to be...damn you wowers! your fault!

Anonymous said...


I dont think they are shooting them self in the foot.. They already at a tier where making quick profit is no more the objective.

There are into making SC2 as a long term investment which they confident the product will last atleast half a decade..

Blizzard isnt concern lossing audience.. They have a place where its a guarantee that their product will make a godlike fortune..

If u still don't get it look under.. South Korea. They just need to push their Egaming sponsors to change to SC2.. and bamm.. Jackpot.

Leaving us will only 2 choice.. Play the game or leave it..