Sunday, August 23, 2009

Star Craft 2 Adds DRM

Just when one thinks the news of StarCraft II won't support LAN (Local Area Networking) couldn't get anymore depressing, another news breaks out stating StarCraft 2 will be getting DRM. We'd think the online petition with 120,000 names would already deter Blizzard, sorry, Activision Blizzard, from trying to come up with anymore annoying tricks - but it's apparently not the case.

It's no secret that DRM, or digital rights management, has always been viewed by a large section of the gaming community as a sort of insult to a paying customer, as it has proven time and again if a game is to be pirated, protection like this serves little protection at all, but instead, is a constant source of annoyance and an inconvenience to legit users.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with the title of this comic strip, it is essentially the blow first (you don't get LAN feature), then the taunt (you gotta show us some ID before you get to play).

The way we see it, this will be a brand + title, versus patience of customers experiment on a Titanic scale :)

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