Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brick Gamers 31 - Questioning Quality

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It's hard to imagine it's been 30 BrickGamers comics already (well, not counting the weekly Sunday updates!). For the 31st BG comic, we wanted to do something that's close to many gamer's hearts - the dwindling quality of games in today's world where big corporation have hijacked games for their benefit (like Electronic Arts - EA), but have forgotten gamers played those games because they liked it - not because what companies think they should like!

Anyway, we're sure many of you would have tried out Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn of War 2, via the large 2GB beta/demo (demos used to be small - these days demos are almost the size of the game itself!) and may have noticed while it added features that made it look like Company of Heroes (CoH), which is not surprising, since both are by Relic, it also became heavily demanding on hardware - not to mention it requires both Valve's Steam online service AND Microsoft's Games for Windows Live online service to work! All these nagging issues (and more) was the bane of BG and that's why we decided to poke fun at the gaming industry - no offense meant to hardworking true coders who are behind real games like Blizzard!

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V said...

Can i know what was the post that you left for the Relic staff.

fuj said...

I guess for some of the small game development company like Relic they have to churn in the revenue to give out the paychecks, whereas big game companies like EA should have taken more time to develop and polish the game like Blizzard.

But then again look at sins of a solar empire by Ironclad Games they made a decent game despite of the imbalances there are not many bugs.