Sunday, November 2, 2008



Sounds familiar? Especially if you game? Hey if you're not a gamer then what are you doing here? Just kidding! BrickGamers welcomes gamers and non alike! After all, you don't have to be a pro gamer to be a gamer! Playing Bejewelled makes you a gamer too!

With slow Internet bandwidth connections, especially here in Malaysia due to monopolised domination by Telekom Malaysia, most gamers have to share their online gaming experience with other users, and if others do too much Internet bandwidth-demanding activities, like video streaming (like YouTube), then expect your game to be a slow experience - or worse, be cut off!


Anonymous said...

In courtersy when your friend is gaming.. please refrain from

1.Youtubing in all general form
2.Downloading torrent
3.surfing Image heavy sites..

Usually emails,msn or checking out work related stuff online wont disrupt your friend gaming.. So dont think internet is off limits once your friend is gaming

Try to workout a time for you to do your stuff and your friend to play his games..

Ironically.. if he gaming and you are also gaming.. You wont really lag each other..

leet said...

torrent is da bomb!

Brick World said...

Thanks for your comments and help Anon :) Gamers, take heed and notice!