Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is probably no stranger by now, being a popular game this period to be played by console (both Xbox 360 and PlayStation3) and desktop PC gamers. While the hardcore and Fallout 2 gamers might have reasons to hate F3, due to the change from a CRPG to mostly FPS (with exception from the VATS mode), there are gamers who welcome F3 as well.

These gamers could be either new to the Fallout series, or they're enjoying the fun and mayhem they can have in F3 which they couldn't in the previous Fallout series. Although, it's worth mentioning you can't kill kids now in F3, which, unless you're a kid hater, there's probably no real reason to hate F3 for this!

Regardless of which, or even if it may be an "Oblivion with guns", F3 is still one of the strong games this busy gaming season, taking its place next to titans like Dead Space. Best of all, where else can you blow off someone's head with just a standard gun?


redboy said...

u noe. . .i dun get it myself. . . >_< how can standard issue gun blow head off???!!

Anonymous said...