Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gaming Is A Skill

War Gear

A lot of new wannabe gamers think they can be gamers just by buying the best gaming hardware, but the truth is that, all the money in the world can't make you a good gamer if you lack the leet skills to be one. It takes passion to succeed, and many pro gamers are such not because of the hardware they can afford, but because of the time and effort they put into it to become a pro gamer today.

If you want to earn the big bucks and respect pro gamers get, don't start by getting expensive hardware to show off, start by honing your skills in gaming - you can afford the hardware later once you start to make it big. Or, you could always stick to the tried and true hardware you've used that made you a success! Spend the money elsewhere!

For the die-hard gamers who have yet to be recognised, it's good to know rich noobs can be upstaged by your hardcore skills and truly, not always money can buy everything!


Anonymous said...

This comic have striking familiarity with a real event i witness.. On a game competition

Where they was this guy who bought the latest logitech battlefield 2142 keyboard + Mouse.. and was wipe out in the first round..

As the champion came only with a really old keyboard and used the CC mouse..

I guess its not the tools that make you good.. Its the user behind it..

However i do say that good equipment does give you a small edge..

Anonymous said...

Yeaa man...if you play DOTA...and you have a good graphix card...u can turn on better efx...n see footprints...and know where the enemy about unfair advantage...

Anonymous said...

wut? therez a logitech battlefield 2142 keyboard n mouse set? wtf?